Global Leadership Dynamics Asia

We make the difference in your aspired leadership effectiveness and organization growth in global Asia.

The Team

Comprising international faculty members, who are expert practitioners in their respective fields of leadership and organizational development, with a wealth of knowledge in latest research, technology and global thinking, and with broad industry experience, we are your trusted partners to provide the valued business insights for your leadership and organization growth.

David Heng, Managing Partner

An accomplished and acclaimed human capital management expert, David has over 19 years of progressive and insightful corporate experiences spanning various private and public organizations in Asia, Europe, and North America. Read More

Dato’ Dr. Vaseehar Hassan, Partner

With over 30 years’ experience as a corporate executive and board member in the financial and food business sector, Vaseehar is an executive coach, specialized in training top leadership teams. His extensive research on leadership experiences uniquely equips him as a leadership coach in global Asia. Read More

Kristel Van der Elst
Kristel Van der Elst, Partner

Having spent 17 years in policy advisory and forward-looking strategy roles, Kristel now works closely with CEOs, senior executives and decision makers including political heads of states, ministers, heads of international organizations and think-tanks to provide training to help leaders transform long-term strategic thinking into impactful actions. Read More

Dr. Branka Zei Pollermann, Partner

Branka has over 40 years experience in research, teaching and coaching leadership communications to a variety of multi-cultural organizations in Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe. She has received international attention and recognition for her groundbreaking analyses of the vocal styles and non-verbal behaviors displayed in the political speeches and press conferences of top political leaders. Read More

Dr. Pauline Arneberg, Partner

Pauline is an organizational change and development specialist with over 30 years of experience in her specialized field. Her broad international background covers countries like Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Sierra Leone, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, where she resolves the dilemmas on varied cultural perspectives faced by leaders in their learning environment. Read More