Partner, Fjord Capital Partners Ltd and Former Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Dr Michael M. Obermayer says of David Heng:
“…During 28 years as a senior partner of McKinsey & Company, I have worked with many accomplished professionals. In the human development and organisational dynamics area, David compares with the very best…”

Oyun Sanjaasuren, Member of Parliament, Mongolia, Former Minister of Environment and Green Development, says of Kristel Van der Elst:

“… Kristel allowed us to see priorities and new opportunities for the country and those learnings impacted a series of reforms…”

Herbert Oberhaensli, Vice-President, Economic and International Relations, Nestle, says of Kristel Van der Elst:
“… If you look for unique, strategically relevant, forward looking thought leadership, Kristel is your woman…”

Professor Erik van de Loo. Professor of Leadership and Behaviour at TIAS School for Business and Society and Visiting Clinical Professor of Leadership INSEAD, says of Dato’ Dr Vaseehar Hassan:
“…I was struck by a profound quality of his character; a man on a mission with the vision and the ambition to build a bridge…”

Head, Leadership Solutions, Human Capital Leadership Institute, Maurice Ooi says of David Heng:
“..David is able to engage C-suite leaders in artful conversations and uncover their sweet spots, often to their own enlightenment …”

Edna Franco, Faculty Member, Psychology Department at Ateneo de Manila University says of Dr Pauline Arneberg:
“…She is highly creative, has wide range of knowledge and experience in HRM and OD. She has high cultural sensitivity too!”

Peter Schwartz, Senior Vice-President, Global Government Relations and Strategic Planning,, says of Kristel Van der Elst:

“… an insightful visionary…”

Lisa Zweber-Smith, Global Head Talent Management and Organizational Performance, MGM Resorts International, says of David Heng:
“..His extensive global background and strong business acumen make him the right choice for a consulting partner…”

Julio Hector Estrada, Finance Minister of Guatemala, says of Kristel Van der Elst:

“…Kristel is a global practitioner and thought leader in Scenario Planning…”

Dr Angela Wilkinson, Strategic Foresight Counsellor, OECD, says of Kristel Van der Elst:

“… Kristel offers the depth of practice needed to secure real impacts…”

Stephen Kinnock, Member of Parliament, UK, says of Kristel Van der Elst:

“… adept at ‘joining the dots’ to tackle complex global risks and issues…”

Special Advisor at Emirates Competitiveness Council, UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Hala D. says of David Heng:
“…he has a lot of charm, personal touch and maturity which he uses very well to transform and bring the very best in people …”