Here’s some news of our partners in the media:

New Scientist: Software spots the spin in political speeches

BLINK and you would have missed it. The expression of disgust on former US president Bill Clinton’s face during his speech to the Democratic National Convention as he says “Obama” lasts for just a fraction of a second. But to Paul Ekman it was glaringly obvious. [More]

Hear politicians’ voices, not their words

Branka Zei Pollermann uses auditory software to map seven parameters of a person’s speech, including pitch modulation, volume and fluency. She also compares vocal features with facial expressions to rate how well politicians express themselves. [More]

US candidates face up to image problem

Barack Obama, who is generally regarded as a gifted orator, would do well to find time to unwind before he delivers the speech of his lifetime to the Democratic party’s convention next week. [More]

The man who would be grim

Gordon Brown fails to get his message over to voters because he always looks angry and sad, it was claimed yesterday. [More]

Pitching to our captains of industry

Voice coach Branka Pollermann is here on a mission. Roland Gribben reports [More]

How do you plan for uncertainty?

In a changing global environment, leaders must be able to make decisions about future risks and opportunities despite uncertainty. Kristel Van der Elst ‘02 describes the process of strategic foresight and its value in preparing organizations to be robust whatever the future holds. [More]

Will this be the key to economic success in 2050?

I like shoes. This currently involves me going to a shop — online or in a physical shop — and chose from a limited range of styles which various large companies have designed and had manufactured — most probably in another country, using raw materials from still other countries, all shipped through a global logistics network. [More]

The Leaders Room: Dato’ Vaseehar Hassan

The Iclif Leadership & Governance Centre interview with Dato’ Dr Vaseehar

Insead’s Interview with Dato’ Dr Vaseehar Hassan

Dato’ Dr Vaseehar Hassan of Unicorn Int’l Islamic Bank on funding the ‘real economy’

The Malaysian Reserve: 2013-10-30- Study on understanding the Malay mind

Only a segment of the Malay population, through education, have moved into progressive mode. [More]

Aspiration, Inspiration, and Achievement

We will inquire into the nature/role of inspiration in leadership and do some demystifying.  The connection between inspiration, aspiration and achievement will be explored as will the sources of inspiration. [More]